Wednesday, December 29, 2010

(November &) December Update

Phew! What a busy month we have had! FULL of FAMILY, FRIENDS and FUN! :)

Thanksgiving 2010
Petosi, MO - Trout Lodge

Brad, Lucy and I hopped into the car at 12:30pm on Sunday the 21st of November and headed north-west to join 77 family members (Addington side) for a family reunion. It was so good to see extended family - we had a ton of fun crafting, playing games and just catching up.

My sweet family on Thanksgiving day

Photo credit is given to Jana - my talented sister. :)

Decking the Halls
Pampa, TX - Our Apartment

Brad and I realized that we have never set up our tree in the same home twice - and it won't be set up here in our church-apartment next year ether! Goodness! I sure hope the next two Christmases are spent in the same place!

Pampa Christmas Parade
Pampa, TX - Main Street

We didn't have to go far to be entertained on a chilly Saturday morning in early December - just a few blocks down the road! :)

Becca's Commissioning
Austin, TX - Calhoun Hall

I couldn't be more proud of Becca - she has finished school, with a degree in Biology, and is now a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. Way to go!!! We were honored to be involved in this special day - so glad we could make it down (although I was sick - ick). Lucy got to see her Grandparents, aunts and uncle.

(All of the above pictures were taken by Jana, I stole them off of Facebook - so they may be a bit fuzzy :) )

Kidder Family Comes to Visit
Pampa, Tx - All over the Panhandle

We came home from Austin, cleaned the house (I had been sick so hadn't been able to clean before we left) and Brad's family arrived a few hours later. Lucy was quite a lucky lady, getting love from all her extended family in one week! :)

I don't know why I don't have any pictures of Amy from the week - but I do have some of her on Christmas Day - and you can see those soon. :)

6413 North Leavitt, Unit 3
Chicago, IL - No longer ours

That's right! We closed on our condo this afternoon, literally minutes ago - it no longer ours. We are so excited about this next step in our lives, we can now settle down here in Pampa in a HOUSE! (Not that our Apartment hasn't been wonderful - what a blessing it has been to us - we are just excited to be in a house that has a working kitchen within it. :) ) God is good. We are overwhelmed by his faithfulness. We will (and do) miss Chicago, but we know that this is where God wants us right now. :) But oh, the memories that we have from 6413 - too many to count - but we can keep those with us right? I'm thankful for that.

And we think we have picked out a house here..... aren't you interested? :) You'll have to be patient for a few days til we can see how things pan out. :)

We have traveled 54 hours in the car in the past two months - Santa Fe, Petosi, Austin.... I think we will stay put for a little while now... but Brad's birthday is coming up.... hmmmmm :)

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