Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Six Months Old

A year from now, Lucy will say she is "one and a half," but for now she is just "half" :)

The day of Lulu's 6 month birthday, I woke up sick. :( But Brad graciously took her monthly pictures for me. They are a bit different than the way I usually do them, she is wearing the same outfit as her 4 month pictures and her bow sitting precariously on top of her head, but I love these pictures. They signify the flexibility of an infant (who I am sure knew something was different about this day) and the helpfulness of my husband (who did all our laundry and served me meals in bed).

6 month accomplishments:
  • Sitting up on her own
  • Eating like a champ (in her own way*)
  • LOVING bananas, sweet potatoes and peas
  • Not loving re-fried beans or avocados
  • Listening well to our morning bible stories
  • She has taken to Big Ellie this past month! Its the first thing she reaches for when put in her crib and if we check on her, she is often held close :)
  • And possessing the most beautiful brown eyes (I think they have gotten darker in the past month!)
As usual, I have compiled a collage with some pictures from the photo shoot, simply click to enlarge :) Enjoy.

"Good job Daddy!"

*I say, "In her own way" because Lucy doesn't crane for food like other babies I have spoon fed, but she will open her mouth and accept the food. :)


Rach said...

She is so cute! Seriously. What a sweetie. I always appreciate those collages too!

Tin Tin said...

Sooo fun - her looks keep changing!!! She is getting so big! :) I keeping hoping Sadie's hair will grow so I can do it all up, but it seems to have stalled since she was born.

Matt and Amy said...

I can't stand it! She so stinking cute and she's gotten so big! I miss that girl!