Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eleven Months Old

I feel like I always start these month birthday posts with, "Can you believe it? Lucy is --- months old! Man! Time flies." lol, so continuing on in tradition....

Another month has flown by! Lucy is now 11 months old, one short month away from her first birthday! I can hardly believe our little girl is getting SO big! Brad said the other day, "I feel like at any moment, our baby will be gone forever." I feel the same way.

This months accomplishments:
  • Laughing of her own accord, with out prompting from Mom or Dad
  • Lucy has started pointing - it all started at the furnature store when we were shopping for couches, we were both FED UP with the choices and we looked at Lucy and asked her "What should we do?" She smiled and pointed (at a VERY expensive couch) and although we did not take her suggestion, she lightened the mood a bit. :) She loves pointing at her dad when he points at her - it is really cute.
  • Lu clapped for the fist time! This happened at Amy's graduation. I keep saying she is saving all her important milestones for her aunts - she waved bye bye to my sister Becca when she was leaving and she clapped for her Aunt Amy. :) 
  • She has become much more conversational, babbling at you when you ask her questions or "copying" words - I am convinced she said "cat" the other day, but she hasn't repeated it.... She sometimes will say "ta" ("thank you"), "da" ("yes" - I am convinced she is Russian) or "hi" (self explanatory) and she has finally started to say "mama" :) (Much to my delight, although she still calls me "dada" sometimes). We are not 100% positive these words are intentional yet, but they do happen to slip out at the right time every now and then.
  • Our little girl has begun to show great enjoyment over some foods - she will say "Mmmmmmm" really loud after having a taste of snow cone, yogurt or anything sweet. :)
  • Walking sideways - Lucy can go from one side of the couch/hearth to the other on her narrow little feet. :)
  • Attitude - well, we all knew it was coming. Lucy has begun to show her defiance. If she is told no, sometimes (not all the time) she will throw a little fit, making a "mean" face (see picture below) and even trying to bite or hit. Yikes...... Well, we have heard stories from our parents about how we were when we were young, I guess we are getting what we deserve. But there are other times we tell Lu, "No, you need to focus on something else." and she will! The happiness we feel when she is obedient far outweighs the frustration we feel when she is not. Welcome to parenthood.... 
Here are some outtakes from our photo shoot last Saturday: 
The horizontal one on the bottom is my favorite. It captures her so well. :) (Remember you can always click the image to see it larger)

Well, we will be back next month to introduce our ONE year old! AUGHHHH

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Rach said...

She is so cute...I love the yellow and green outfit! So spring-y!