Friday, May 13, 2011

Fixin' Up Friday: New Couch!

 We bought these couches right before we got married, for (what we thought was) a good deal. Sadly, time has not been kind to our sofa, the love seat is still in great shape (maybe because we usually use the sofa?). We even tried to repair the broken sofa a few months ago, we turned it over, took off the black fabric and stared in disbelief. Long story short - the couch was made VERY poorly, we added a new 2x4 hoping to prolong the life of our seat, and it worked for about three months. This last week however, enough was enough. We had to get a new couch. 

Before continuing the story, let me illustrate for you the condition of the sofa:
 Boards were coming out :( 

 The back was snapped in two, curving the supports :( 

 There were poky things coming out of the back :(

 That's not what a couch is supposed to look like....:( 

We have been looking for new couches for a few months, we have been to every furniture store in Amarillo, most of them twice, and we were having a really hard time finding something we liked. Here was our mental check list: 
  • Quality construction - we want this thing to last 7+ years not 3
  • No skirt, clean lines on the bottom
  • Couch/Love Seat or Sectional - we went back and forth
  • Not too modern (straight lines) but something that looks comfortable
  • Fabric, no leather, our thinking was that leather (the shades we liked) would be too dark in our room because of the brick wall.
We ended up finding a sectional that we liked, but we weren't too sure about construction, the cushions felt a bit soft. And as we wandering the store, we saw the same sectional in LEATHER, since we really really liked the shape of this sectional, Brad went and sat down in the leather version and exclaimed, "Wow this feels much more sturdy" - and he was right. I was convinced that LEATHER would be okay in the room after being 1) given permission to repaint the room a lighter color if I felt it was too dark, 2) told I could buy pillows/fabric for the couch (it didn't come with pillows) in a lighter color to lighten it up, and 3) informed about the durability and easy-maintenance of LEATHER. I was hooked,

And you want to know the best part?

It was a floor model and was thus discounted $1000!!!!!

Yes, please! So with out further ado, here is our new couch.

 250 inches of comfortable goodness. :) 

It fits in our room perfectly, like it was made specifically for us. :) 

We are undecided on the color of the room yet, but I'm sure you will know if I decide to change anything. :)

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E-Mail Buddies said...

I like the new couch, and it fits your room, doesn't make it look too dark, add bright pillows and other accessories