Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

Ever felt you have had TONS you need to do and not enough time to do what you want to do? Story of my week. We leave tonight for Michigan to celebrate Amy's gratuation and this week has been full of preparing for our trip and taking care of things around the house - so guess what gets pushed to the back burner? Yep, the blog. But I have squeaked in a few minutes here to share with you some pictures from Easter. :)
I was privileged to make the decorations for church's annual Easter Brunch. They turned out great! My inspiration was found here and here (which I found when googleing "Easter centerpieces").

  The gym all set up. :) We had 10 tables, set for 8 each. Napkins and silverware were put on the tables so people didn't have to carry them with their plate and drink from the buffet.

Here are close-ups of all the table's centerpieces. :) I was originally going to put flowers and three yarn balls on each table, but then I realized I didn't have the budget for all the jelly beans and I was going to need to buy more yarn, so I switched directions a bit. :)

 The buffet table, awaiting food, and my little helper. :) 

The decorations were a success and I had so much fun making them! 

Here are some pictures of Lulu in her pretty Easter dress (a hand-me-down from my cousin Kim).

I thought it would be fun to use her little chick (from her room) as a prop. 
Lucy fell on an Easter egg while hunting on Sunday morning at church, before I had gotten pictures (of course!), she is healing up just fine so don't worry!

 She really wasn't too sure what to think of the chick, it is made out of a "straw" type sticks and I think it was "pokey."

"My First Easter"

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter too! 

We are off to Michigan tonight after Awana (it's Award Night!!!) - we will drive to Tulsa OK, tonight and sleep for a few hours. We hope to arrive in Hastings at about 9 tomorrow (Thursday) night. We have the Grisham books uploaded to our iPhones and Wonder Pets put onto the iPad. :) I think we are ready. :) 

Oh, and before I forget - results are in and the pom pom banner won! :) I am so excited! I'll be keeping my hands busy in the car making TONS of pom poms! Yippee!


kaw said...

precious pictures!

Emily Renee said...

Ok...I must admit something terrible! I used both this computer and dad's phone to vote for the pom pom happiness...oh well. At least it wasn't a tie (which it would have been)! :)

courtney linn said...

I like the yellow bird:)