Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oops I did it again!

(Brad here) Well Sarah and I (mainly me) are just kinnda suckers for poor dogs that are really nice dogs but are going to be put down if not adopted. As we drove by our grocery store we saw they had a bunch of dogs with the people from the paws program. We stoped just to see the dogs, (Sarah gave me a stern we are not taking one look) Well we met the nicest, but also biggest dog they had and now well meet our new dog Baxter!!
Baxter is named after none-other than Richard Baxter, the Puritan Pastor, who brought the Gospel and evangilized the town of Kiddermister (where our family name most likely came from!!

Hey is just a puppy although quite a big one probaly about 8-12 months old, and is a Great Pyrenees (he will grow to be 100-160 pounds! yikes). He is the freindliest dog I have met since my childhood dog Freddy :) We hope you will all enjoy getting to know the new member of our family!!


Matt and Amy said...


Anonymous said...

Your version is much cuter than Brittany Spears'. Enjoy, you cute gluttons for punishment!

Anonymous said...

thats is awesome. ggoooddd job on doing that. you gave him a new home.well i bet you knew that hahahaha. well anywhos.......


kate said...

adorable dog. love the name. did you know the Rydelniks have a dog named Darby named after John Nelson Darby, the father of Dispensationalism?

If you start wondering where your copies of Edwards and Spurgeon disappeared to check under Baxter's bed. He may be stealing them to build his library.

Love it!