Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st Time: The Pool

We went to Wal-Mart last week as a family (as usual) and left with a small, pink swimming pool (not usual). Although it was not on our physical list we brought into the store, it had been on our mental list for awhile and since it was a warm day, we decided to splurge ($10! wow) and get Lulu a pool. :) I'm pretty sure we were more excited about it than Luce - we filled it up right when we got home with both air and water, put Lucy down for a nap and let Mr. Sun do his job (warm the water). 

Side note: Lucy LOVES the bath tub, so we assumed that she would LOVE the pool too. 
 When Lucy got up from her nap, we changed her into her swim suit (a hand-me-down from Zoe, absolutely ahhhdorable.) and hat and showed her the pool.
 Here we go... 
(I've been saving old containers from the kitchen for outside toys, assuming they would be fun to scoop and dump water, dirt, grass ect. That's why they are floating around in the water. In case you were wondering.) 

 She wasn't too sure what to think at first. 

 "Water? Outside? Wait.... this is cold...."

 She quickly decided she did not like it. Cue :( parents.

 Because we are cruel parents who want our kids to try something more than once to decide if they like or dislike something, we tried again. Not a big hit.
(Notice the big elephant tear?)

 Poor baby. :(
(The tear is streaming down her face....)

I blame it on Mr. Sun who did not do his job of properly warming up the pool for my sweet daughter. A towel (that the Mr. Sun had properly warmed) and mama's lap helped calm down the sad baby. 
(The tear is still there.)

We are going to try again soon - hopefully third time will be the charm? I'll fill up the water in the morning and let it "warm up" for a longer period of time, hopefully that will help. So what about you? Has your April weather been nice enough to pull out the pool? Did your kids like the pool on the first try? Please tell me "no," so I feel better about myself. :)


kaw said...

Thomas most definitely hated the pool the first time. I don't remember about Mae, but they are both fish now!!

Amy Kidder said...

Lucy looks so big!!!! Especially in the first picture! Wow! Two weeks :)