Friday, April 15, 2011

Fixin' Up Friday: Living Room South Wall, Pt 2

It is high time for an update on how "the wall" is doing. :) I believe this is how we left off last time? (To catch up, click here for pt 1)
New french doors, one sheet of dry wall up. 

Well, the next weekend (I think - this project has taken, what seems to be, a looonnnggg time.) we finished dry walling the rest of the wall:
 From a distance it looks ready for paint, but up close....

 ... there were the expected gaps and screw holes that needed patching. 

 Enter Handsome Handy Man. :) Also enter layers and layers of mud. (Up to 6 layers in some places!)

And to prove the point that the wall stayed patched and mudded (is that a word?) for a lllooonnnggg time here is a review of a few posts that have had pictures of the wall in them:

Point proven? Ok, well this last weekend I became fed up with "the wall" and decided it was time to tackle it. After sweetly asking my handsome handy man to fix a few of the problem spots (that had been the excuse as to why we hadn't been working on the wall) and after he sweetly helped me. And after we choose paint (huge ordeal..... I wanted light, brad wanted dark.... we finally found something that worked) I got started painting. 

 "It looks like you are painting it white!" You might say - and I would reply, "I know, I know, it is the New-Construction-Primer that you need to put on the wall before paint when you are working with fresh dry wall." The primer seals in the dust and mud and gives the dry wall it's drink of paint (it is thirsty stuff!) so you don't waste your good paint.
 After this coat of primer, the wall looked pretty fine. We were proud of our mudding job. :) You couldn't see the seams. Yippee!!

 Looks pretty good right?

Here is a better picture from a different angle. After waiting for the wall to dry completely I painted it "Manor Stone" by Valspar, a dark khaki color that has grey tones in it, we picked the color because it coordinates well with the brick wall. :)
 (Insert pictures of me slaving over painting the wall an actual color.)

 This picture isn't a very accurate portrayal of the color, it is more similar to the picture below (at least on my computer - it is hard when different colors show up differently on different monitors.)

 See how nicely it goes with the brick - it is a bit darker, but in the same color family, as the morter.

 The living room in action! :) 

And just to remind you how we started.... good progress, if I do say so myself. :)

 We are in love with the nice and smooth walls...... (swoon!) All we need to do now to complete this wall is 1) put up trim on the inside of the wall. 2) finish the the french door on the outside (put in an apron and trim the new door with exterior materials).

And guess what.... I'm a crazy.... I had a bit more paint in my tray and HAD to use it up. Details on the Dining room transformation to come. :) 

Have you done any painting lately? What was the inspiration for the color you choose? Was it as unique as mortar? I'd love to hear all about it. :)

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