Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Visit from Family

As the kids in my family continue to get older, we keep moving across the country. Brad and I realized the other day that I am the only child (who has moved out) who lives in Texas! Jana lives in Minnesooota, and Becca is currently in West Virginia.

During my brother's spring break, Mom, Samuel and the little girls went up to Minesoota to fix Jana's car, on their way home - they stopped to see me Lucy. :)

Aunt Laura reading to Lucy, she is such a good reader! She was so excited to read Lucy and I a story in one of her school books, it was called "Lucy and the Jellybeans." :)

Anna celebrated her birthday in Minnesooota with extended family, but we had a little gift-opening ceremony with her at our house too. :)

Everyone got into the action :)

An attempt to get a picture of the three little girls.

Not the best of Lulu, but everyone is at least looking in the direction of the camera :)

Mom taught me how to prune my rose bushes (there are about 5 in our yard!), trees and bushes - I will keep you updated with how the cutting back process goes, I am excited to go get my hands dirty in the yard. :) It is comforting to know that the roses/bushes/trees are well established, so it will take a lot to kill them (not my goal, but definitally a fear). I have always been pretty good with house plants (with one exception... long story) and I would like to learn more about caring for outdoor plants. Mom was a really good teacher, showing me what to cut off and what to leave. :) All I need is a few more tools (right tool for the right job!) and I will go to town shaping, trimming and pruning!

What a fun weekend! Hopefully next time we see them our visit will be longer than two days :)


courtney linn said...

What was the present?

Sarah said...

The hat, and food set :) (See yesterday's post :) )

Anonymous said...

so fun girl

kate said...

Your little sisters are so BIG. such cuties.

I love keeping up with your life but I agree with Jenny...wish Pampa and Dallas were closer.