Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fixin' Up Friday: Lucy's Room

Well, Lucy's room is 95% done! And it feels good, let me tell you! I am a firm believer in finishing kids rooms first (or second) in the unpacking/decorating process. It allows the mom/dad to focus on other rooms while the little one(s) are sleeping. :)

I have mentioned before how similar Lucy's room here is to her room in Chicago - eerily similar. :) They are mirror images of each other (with the exception of the door, it is flipped to a different wall, in the same nook). For pictures of Lucy's room on Leavitt, click here and here. It makes me laugh that I arranged the furniture the same way in both rooms too...

Leavitt vs. Zimmers
Crazy right?

Walking into Lucy's new room, you may have seen a sneak peek of this on Monday. :)

I took pictures of each of the corners to give you a feel of what the room is like, this is the South-East corner. :)

The South-West corner.

The North- West corner.

The North-East corner.

Some close-ups:
I hung this mirror about a foot and a half off the ground, I need to secure it a bit more (part of the 5% still left to do) so that it doesn't fall off the wall, if it is ever used as a pull-up divice. :) I got this mirror from the Salvation Army accross the street from our Chicago condo, it was a brown wood, but I painted it white - so it matches the decor better.

In Chicago, I hung these shelves above Lulu's crib, but since she is getting bigger, and has started sitting up after naps - I know standing in her crib is in her near future. We decided it would be best for her not to be pulling things off the shelves before/after naps. :) So I relocated them to above-and-to-the-right of her changing table (since she is supervised 100% of the time she is on it)

To review - "Racky" the racoon, was my buddy growing up, and "Bear" was Brad's.

Right inside the door I put a bulletin board up with a few hooks (that will be painted soon) - the hooks are low enough so a little girl can reach them. I picture tutus and dress-up clothes being hung from them someday. :) I recovered the bulletin board with some left-over fabric from Luce's quilt.

On the shelves next to the chair. I am going to order pictures soon of all of the monthly shots we have taken of Lucy, so that this frame will be filled up by her first birthday. I picture the frame sitting next to her cake/cupcakes. :)

If you were counting, you realized that only two of the shelves were above the dresser, the last one is on the east wall. :)

We found this little rocking chair at a thrift store in Minnesota! It is on my list of projects to do - I want to paint the wood white and recover the padded parts. :) And it needs a little TLC in the form of wood glue and maybe a nail or two. :)

A post about Lucy's room would not be complete without pictures of her buddies, from L to R: Edward, Elizabeth and Baby Ellie.

And here is the beloved Ellie.

When I asked her to give me "some attitude" This is what Ellie did. :)


Well, there is Lucy's room! I hope you liked it! I am really happy with the way it turned out.

Do your kid's room's have themes? I am realizing that polka-dots may just be the theme in Lucy's room :) - that wasn't planned, but is how things have evolved. :) What do you think about the idea to finish kids rooms first after moving? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Happy Friday!

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courtney linn said...

Her room is so cute. And I promise to put the doll house pics on my blog.:)