Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Evolution of a Nursery - Part 3

Lucy's room is almost finished - just a few more finishing touches are needed - but it feels so much better now than it did a week ago. Where disorganization once ruled, organization now reigns.
The lanterns I ordered ended up being just what this corner needed - color and fun. :) I found the two baskets just inside the door (lower right) at the Salvation Army - $8 total. The amazing crates in the bookshelf were all gifts and have really come in handy for organizing Lucy Lu's toys.

The dresser is one of the things that needs to be finished - but Chicago's weather has not been cooperating with our efforts. I got tired of waiting to organize Lucy's clothes so this last weekend, we ran two loads of laundry, cleaning all her little outfits, blankets, towels and burp cloths in preparation for her arrival. It was really fun to go through, snip off tags, wash, dry, fold and organize all the adorable clothes we have received - we felt very blessed looking at the coffee table and realizing that Lucy has pretty much everything she needs for the next year.
If you are observant - you will notice that my seeds have enjoyed their soil and are all growing really well. I think I am going to give them another week or so before transferring them to pots outside.

It pays off to decorate your room in high-school in the green/pink/blue because then you can use a lot of your decor when accessorizing your firstborn's nursery. The above shelves have been in many homes and have held many of my treasures - it makes me so happy that now I can use them in Lucy's room. We decided to lower the crib mattress - mostly so that we could hide the lovely golf clubs that reside underneath. I also really like that the crib skirt now falls to the ground - the 2 foot gap was bothering me before. :)

Bear and Racky were Brad and my buddies growing up and they may be two of my favorite things in the nursery. Their well-worn bodies speak of childhood devotion and love. I can't wait to see what special stuffed animal Lucy becomes attached to.

So there you have it, Lucy's nursery. The only things that remain on the to do list are 1) buy blinds, 2) paint the dresser, 3) paint the mirror white (hanging directly opposite the door - another Salvation Army find - I love the shape of it), 4) paint the book shelves white and 5) figure out curtains.

Goodness, that list is a bit longer than I thought it would be - but all the essentials are done, we even have the car seat and stroller in the car. Whenever Lucy decides to make her appearance (Her due date is 30 days away! Augh we-can-hardly-wait!) we are ready. Or, as ready as we can be. :)

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