Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moody Graduates 2010!!!

One of the things about graduating early from college, is that not all your friends get to graduate with you - instead they graduate a bit later.

This last "semester" (its funny how time is not separated into "semesters" once you get out of college) has flown by for me and I can't believe the time has come for all my dear friends to graduate. We got to go to two graduation parties today, it was so good to see a good number of guys from Brad's floor who were in my class, and also to catch up Miriam - my freshman/sophomore roommate.

(From L to R) Alex, Colton, Steve, Jessie, Josiah, Kyle and Joel

Miriam and Alex

Me and Miriam

Alex, Me and Miriam

An afternoon of seeing good friends - what could be better?


kaw said...

Sarah, dear, you look ADORABLE!!!!!!

kate said...

Wow I can't believe you are all graduated. I feel proud & a little old. :) Congrats!