Friday, May 14, 2010

Texas sized changes ahead!

Brad here, with some exciting/scary/emotional/life changing, news. About 5 months ago Sarah and I started praying about where God would have us go next. While we have LOVED our time here in Chicago and been so blessed by our friends, church, and nearby family in Michigan and Minnesota, we knew that God was calling us to move forward with the call that he had placed on our lives. That call is to further the ministry of the Church in America through ministering in a local congregation in some fashion. So we started the process of seeking out new ministry employment opportunities. At first we searched close to home in the greater Midwest region, but God lead elsewhere.

In the process we met with dozens of churches, and were invited to formally candidate at three of them. We were blessed in our interaction with each of these churches, and as we prayed God lead us to a small church with a huge passion to serve Christ in a town called Pampa, TX.

Pampa is the second largest town in the panhandle of Texas. It is about an hour Northeast of Amarillo, TX and two and a half hours to the west of Oklahoma City. The town is made up of about 17,000 people with a large age range and many families. We have to say the people of Pampa have so far struck us as some of the kindest most genuine people we have ever met.

We will be serving at the Bible Church of Pampa, who has called me to be their Senior Pastor. We are humbled and excited for the ministry that already exists at this church! The church has about 50 people currently meeting each week, but the facility has been completely updated in the past 6 years. As a result there is space for all sorts of ministry and connecting to happen. The church already has an Amazing Awana (children’s ministry) program that has over 70 children each Wednesday night, the majority of these kids are from un-churched homes. We really believed that God has called us to this church to come along side an awesome group of people who are serving the Lord with great effort. The community has many needs and we are excited to do everything we can to teach these people about Jesus love for them.

We are currently starting a two to three month transition phase in which we will, if God wills: have our sweet baby Lucy, sell our Condo, purchase a new home in Pampa, and complete a move. We would ask that if you can, you would lift us up in prayer for God’s help and blessing in this process. In particular if you would pray for a safe delivery for Sarah and Baby Lucy, and the sale of our currently home in a timely manner. We are so excited for what God is up to and pray that we can stay in His will.

We love you all!



kaw said...

Congratulations Brad! What a big honor/responsibility! Now, two very important questions! How far will you be from Fayetteville and San Antonio?

Sarah said...

We will be about 9 hours from San Antonio and 7 hours from Fayetteville (Straight across Oklahoma)! :) One days drive...

kate said...

Wow! This is big news... Mozel Tov! So glad y'all are moving to the great nation of TEXAS.

Sending love & prayers your way :0)

Angela and Kayle Hinkle said...

Wow! How exciting! I've been keeping up on your blog and so excited for your family and ministry. Cody Hinkle will be at Dallas Theological Seminary for a few years (I think) and we know a few other people in Dallas too (which is probably quite far away?). Much love and prayer for this new phase in life!

nellrepp said...

Man alive you guys. The changes you are facing will be big. But God is bigger still. Hang on tight.