Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The little "Aunts" in San Antonio

We got to spend about a week with my family in San Antonio at the end of April - it was so good to see everyone, relax and play with the little girls.

It is pretty difficult for me, when in the presence of these two, not to have a great time.

Anna Ruth keeps me smiling :)

And Laura Rae keeps me laughing... :) (Meet "mini-me" - she looks just like I did when I was her age, and has the same constitution too :) )

They are so excited for Lucy to come - Right after I got into San Antonio, Anna asked, "Where's Lucy? I want to see her." I had to explain that Lucy is still in my tummy, and we have to be patient and wait until she is ready to come out. (Although I'm just as anxious to "see her" as Anna) A few times over the weekend, Anna would come up to me, stick out her tummy and say, "My tummy is fat because I have a baby inside me." She is great.

It's crazy to think that these two sweet girls will be my daughter's aunts. I really hope they have a sweet relationship with Lucy and all our future kids.

While in San Antonio, we attempted to play "Sorry"...

...had fun showing the girls (and Uncle John) our iPad...

... enjoyed watching Grandpa read to the little girls (I remember when Grandpa used to read to us, "Mr Poppers Penguins," and "Summer of the Monkeys,")...

...and we got to celebrate Jana's graduation too!

We had such a fabulous trip, our time in San Antonio always feels a bit short (time with family always does these days). But I get to see my mom in June (She is going to come up for Lucy's arrival), Jana in July and the rest of my family in November at the Addington Family Reunion - We can't wait!

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