Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Are you ready?"

It has gotten to the point in my pregnancy that random people are asking me questions such as, "When is the big date?" "Do you know what it is?" and "How much longer to you have to go?"

These questions usually throw me off, mostly because people in they city don't usually talk to strangers but also because they don't phrase the questions in a way that makes me think "pregnancy." It usually takes me a second to realize and tell myself, "they are asking about your big belly Silly."

This happened earlier today, while I was stopping in at 7-11 for my mid-day I-know-I-have-a-long-afternoon-and-evening-ahead-of-me-I-need-energy Dr. Pepper fix, the man behind the counter asked me "Are you ready?"

If questions like this have ever stumped me - this one really did....

...am I allowed to blame it on the pregnancy? No? Well, I am going to anyway. "Lucy has stole half of my brain - hopefully she will give it back after she is born." (Don't judge me people - I am not daft - I would have you know I graduated college with honors)

Anyway, by the time my brain kicked in and I gave myself the "You are so slow" mini-lecture, I replied, "I better be! She due to arrive in 23 days."

This got me thinking... are we ready? And I am happy to announce that we are.

The crib is set up. The rocking chair is ready for some cuddling. The changing table is stocked. The dresser drawers are full of clean blankets, outfits, pjs and burp cloths.

Really, the only thing on my "Baby To-Do" list is finish Lucy's quilt. Sure - finish refinishing the dresser, and make curtains are still on the list, but honestly - with the house on the market we are thinking it might be best to wait for those two projects until we are in our Texas home (it feels strange to say that still - but I am so excited!). For one, we will have a garage that is ours alone that will provide a better work space to finish the dresser. And two, I don't want to make custom curtains for a room that will only be occupied for 2 months max.

Since the house is uber-clean-all-the-time-because-we-hope-that-our-house-gets-a-showing, tomorrow, on my morning off, I plan on pulling out the sewing machine. Turning on some tunes. Making some lemonade. And sewing away.

Good plan? I think so.

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