Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Evening With the Boys

For the past four years, I have worked for the Fowler family as their babysitter (I like to call myself a nanny - it sounds more sophisticated, and the boys were never babies when I was with them... :)). I have truly grown to love the family - they have a special place in my heart. Pamela has grown from an employer to a dear friend, and Drew and Kyle are my buddies.

Last night, Brad and I got to have Drew and Kyle come over for dinner and to play for a bit. I worked late since Pamela and Dan were out for the evening and since I had to pick up Drew from a golf lesson two blocks from our house, I figured "Let's hang out at our place tonight!" It was so fun. I always have so much to tell Brad after an afternoon with the boys, he has spent some time with them - but not within the past year and a half, and it was fun for him to see how much they have grown and to interact with their little personalities. Dinner conversation revolved around Chloe and her "amazing" jumping skills (the boys couldn't get over her curiosity), Drew's golf lesson that afternoon (Brad and he had a cute conversation going about learning how to do an "Up and Down) and Kyle's baseball game.

I had to laugh when Drew stated, as we sat down for dinner, "Chicken! I love chicken!" I quickly responded, "Hey Mister! Whenever I make you chicken for dinner, you complain, 'Chicken again!?!? We have chicken all the time!' But now, when Brad makes it - it is all of a sudden your favorite? What's up with that?" All he could do in response was giggle. :) Brad had made BBQ chicken on the grill and it was extra good - Kyle asked me, "Can you make sure my mom gets this recipe?" :)

After dinner we played us some serious Mario Cart. Brad now finally understands why I get frustrated playing Wii with Drew and Kyle - they always win. (My competitive spirit is something that God is still in the process of sanctifying :) ) I loved hearing the boys taunt Brad or try to tell him how to race (They have long since learned NOT to give me instructions in the middle of a game - my "humble" spirit can not take direction, especially from a 7 year old), Brad's reply was "Mind your own screen!" I could only laugh, because I often come home and express to Brad how "frustrating" it is for me to play Mario Cart with the boys - it is seemingly impossible for me to win. His always tells me, a little to gently for my taste (I never feel like he truly empathizes with me on this subject), that "it's okay for kids to win sometimes." He got a taste of his own medicine tonight - the boys whooped us. :)

Needless to say, I'm going to miss these boys. A lot.

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