Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What will Lucy look like?

We got to see both sides of our family in the month of April - Brad's family at the beginning and my family at the end. During both trips I collected pictures of Brad and I as babies and young children - I thought it would be fun to imagine what Lucy will look like as we looked through pictures of Brad and I as kids.

I hope you enjoy imagining alongside me. :)

(Sarah, born 11-11-1987)

(Brad, born 1-29-1986)
Grandparent Love
(Sarah, held by Grandma Chisholm)
(Brad, held by Grandpa Buning)
First Days
(Sarah, enjoying her swing)
(Brad, going home picture - taken by the hospital)
Play Time
(Sarah, on a blanket stitched by Grandma Addington)

(Brad, his sense of humor started at an early age :) )
(Sarah, enjoying tummy-time)

(Brad, checking out his toys)

(Sarah, exploring)

(Brad, "I'm coming to get you!")


(Sarah with Daddy)

(Brad with Mommy)


Life Jackets

(Sarah with Mommy in Cross Lake, Minnesota)

(Brad with Daddy)


One Year Old




Playing with Siblings

(Sarah with Becca)

(Brad with Amy)


Pictures with Mom or Dad

(Sarah, with Mom and Becca - this picture was sent to Dad when he was in Saudi during Dessert Storm)

(Brad with Dad and Amy)


All Dressed Up




Growing up

(Sarah - silliness starts early)

(Brad - gotta love the early 90s)


Drew and Rachel said...

This is probably my favorite post of yours ever! You guys were cute little ones. It was endearing to see some of your childhood memories.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had so much fun gathering the pictures.

Bekah said...

Sarah! I love this. I need to start looking at your blog much more often. I was praying for you and Brad this very morning. I love you much!