Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Evolution of a Nursery - Part 2

I believe this is where we left you on the Nursery's progress:
This is how it looks today. Grey walls, soft rug, and baby gifts galore! (It is not as dark as this picture suggests - I probably should have had the flash on. :) )
The dresser has been stripped and is ready for its treatment of paint or stain (We still haven't decided). We have truly been "showered" with gifts and until the dresser gets done - I'm afraid this is where they are staying. :) Organized chaos.... organized chaos. :)
We have ordered new cushions for the rocker and ottoman. Our fingers are crossed that they come before Lucy does - we'll see. :) Both Brad and I love to sit in this room and dream about what it will be like to have a baby in the house. Chloe usually comes and sits on our laps - and we gently tell her that our laps will not usually be free when sitting in the rocking chair. We hope she is beginning to understand. :) We are planning on getting a bookshelf for under this window (to the right of the rocking chair) for added storage space and a surface to hold a lamp and any nursing supplies that we (I) need. :)
Toys and stuffed animals have invaded this corner - along with decorating supplies that will be put to good use once a few more items arrive.
Brad and I are not alone in eagerly awaiting Lucy's arrival! :) She has quite a few buddies who can't wait to be held and played with. :) (Each of the shapes on the Elephant's nose plays a different musical note. Mortimer the Moose is a favorite of mine - his face just says, "Play with me please? I am so excited to see you!")
I have chosen the fabric for the curtains, it matches the bedding perfectly and is a fabric in the quilt I am working on too - something to bring a bit of "cohesiveness" to the textiles. :)
Here is a close-up so you can see how well the colors match up. :) To continue with the "round" theme - I ordered three paper lanterns online the other day, (white, pink and green - all different sizes) to hang above the rocking chair and function as a mobile for Lucy to gaze at while snuggling with mom and dad.
My wonderful husband Brad bought me a walking foot for my sewing machine - it helps feed the fabric through evenly, from the top and bottom. (A regular sewing machine foot feeds the fabric through from the bottom - which usually works great, but not when you have 3 layers of a quilt going through the machine.) This little tool makes working on the quilt so much more easy and fun! :) Progress is happening - not quite done yet - but there is progress. :) Thanks to everyone who has given Lucy gifts and helped us prepare for her arrival! We are having so much fun getting ready for her!

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