Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Current Reigning Princess

Chloe Cat is the current Princess on the throne at the Kidder household - we wonder how the transition will go when the new Princess - Lucy - arrives on the scene.

The other day I was clearing a spot on our bookshelves for our new printer. I left the room to put away the dusting supplies, came back and Lucy Chloe (edited by Brad, I am pretty sure she meant Chloe I find it quite hard to believe that our unborn baby escaped the womb and sat on the shelf) had stolen my workspace. It was as if she said, "Thank you for clearing and cleaning such a nice resting spot for me!" Blankets are always available in our living room - for us and guests. We keep our house pretty chilly in the winter time, so we like to provide plenty of blankets for snuggling and containing body heat. Chloe also enjoys them too. Does this picture remind you of a fairy tale? Possibly the "Princess and the Pea?"
We love our cat. :)

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Amy Kidder said...

By Lucy stealing the spot do you mean Chloe? :)