Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung

To celebrate the arrival of Spring - I decided to change up our table decorations. And thanks to the baby shower that we had here in Chicago this last weekend - I had some beautiful flowers to work with! :) We are thinking "Pink" a lot in our house these days, not only with Spring's arrival but also in anticipation of Lucy's arrival too! :)
Brad bought me a beautiful hanging plant for our patio - it makes everything look so much more cheerful! I love the pink/purple combo that he picked out! Didn't God get creative when designing this plant?
I have also started growing a few flowers of my own, Pansies, Blue Bonnets, Zinnias and Nasturtium along with Rosemary and Parsley. I am hoping that once they grow up a bit, I can transplant them into window boxes or pots on the back patio. :) No green yet - but I'll keep watering them.
How have you seen Spring arrive in your home?

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