Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nine Months Old

3/4 of the way to 1 yr!

As Lucy has gotten older, these monthly photo shoots have gotten harder and harder. :) She has become such a wiggle worm!

This month's accomplishments:
  • Waving: Lucy began waving on February 15th, when saying goodbye to Aunt Becca.
  • Sitting up in Bed: It is so fun to go in and get Lucy from a nap, or first thing in the morning, and have her be sitting up, talking sweetly. :)
  • Scooting, Rolling and Crawling: Lucy has been so mobile lately! And has started crawling forward, one "step," but then decides it would be faster to roll to her destination. :)
  • "Mama" & "Dada:" Although she knows how to make the sounds, and does so often, she is not putting the person, Dad, together with the words, "Dada," yet. :) Soon soon... :)
  • Loves to be Near: Lucy loves, loves, loves to be near to her mom or dad - and will let you know if she finds out she is alone, usually with tears. :) She is a little social bug and is fascinated with other kids.
  • Eating: New foods this month include, butternut squash, beans, chicken, yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese and Mac and Cheese (a special treat).
  • Two More Teeth: The new chompers are located on ether side of her front two teeth on the top.
She has a ticklish spot, right under her neck - this pictures captures a giggle :)

"I'm gonna get-chew!"

(Click on the above image to enlarge)

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