Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Evolution of a Nursery - Part 4

This, I believe is the final post in The Evolution of a Nursery series. This is due to the fact that Lucy is due to arrive in 2 days, and also to the fact that everything is done. :)

This beautiful, personalized canvas was sent to Lucy from my cousin Kim - it is the perfect thing for this wall, matches the room's colors perfectly and I love the verse!
I'm blessed to come from a creative family. :)
Our new chair cushions came! Whoo hooo! The green fabric is perfect. I had no idea it would match the organizing totes we received as gifts (I hoped, but it is truly an exact match) and look so loverly with the white rocker. I love my rocking chair...

... now all I need is a baby for this nursery and it will be 100% complete. :)

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