Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday - Lucy's first day at home

Our sweet daughter's first day at home was not uneventful!

First on the schedule was a sponge bath, I (surprise surprise) wanted to wash all the "hospital" smells off Lucy and get her hair nice and fluffy clean.

I fully expected her to dislike the experience, but she did great - even craning her head toward the warm washcloth.

The only part of the bath routine that she didn't like was drying off - but once she was dry she enjoyed getting dressed in the sunshine. :) (Depending on what time it is in the morning, I have to move her changing pad on the dresser because the sun comes in so bright! :) )

All peaceful and clean. :) Thanks Aunt Jean for my cute outfit! It fits so well! Her little mohawk disappeared with her first bath - I was more sad than I thought I would be with this change, I kinda liked the funky hair dudes.

Then, Mom and Dad got stir crazy and decided to go to Target, so Lucy got to go on her first outing. :)
With Daddy, all ready to go.

All situated in the cart at Target. I can't get over how small she is!

We were a bit tired when we got home, so took a nice nap while hanging out with Daddy and Chloe.

Dad played some Xbox.

Chloe has been curious (as always) but kind of disinterested in Lucy.

Grammy Jo, Aunt Laura and Aunt Anna came in the late afternoon.

Meeting Grammy Jo

Mom talking softly to her first grand-baby

Meeting Aunt Laura and Aunt Anna

I love Mom's look of excitement here! Pure joy, glee. :)

Love from Aunt Anna

Sweet and tender touches

At the end of the day, Lucy was tired! After getting ready for bed, she enjoyed some cuddle time with her Dad.
After this eventful day - Lucy slept from 11:30pm to 4:30am! I woke up with a start (hadn't set an alarm, never assumed I would need to) and ran to the crib to make sure she was ok, she was sleeping peacefully. I woke her up to feed her and then she went right back down, sleeping until 7:30 when we woke her up again.

Lucy is eating SO well. She rarely cries, is so peaceful and content. We are so thankful for our sweet daughter! :)


Autumn Shea said...

Seeing the pic of you and your mom hugging made me cry. I'm so glad she came. I love all the photos. Lucy is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen! Love you dear friend.

Rach said...

Aw, so sweet to see Lucy with your sisters! Judah has several young uncles too... my youngest brother is five. It is so fun!