Friday, June 25, 2010

A few more firsts

A baby's firsts are oh so fun!

Lucy's first bottle: Dad gave her a bottle while Mom cleaned up the kitchen after dinner on Wednesday, June 23rd. She drank 2 oz faster than we thought was possible and then nursed some more! :) She is doing a great job nursing but after an adventure in Macy's last Saturday (lets just say nursing in public is not as easy as some people can make it look, and I was in the restroom!) - I thought it was best to see if she would take a bottle for when we are out-and-about. She did great!

Lucy's first real bath: After her umbilical chord fell off - I was itching to give Lucy a bath. Seriously, I just don't think that you can get a baby good and clean with a sponge bath. All in all, Lucy seemed to enjoy the experience, she fussed more than she did with the sponge bath but that might have been my fault (first time giving an infant a bath - not necessarily scary but a bit nerve wracking). As always she enjoyed being wrapped up in her towel and having her hair brushed/fluffed after the bath. :)

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