Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Ready for Lucy - The Final Details

Well, I'm 39 weeks 5 days pregnant. Lucy Jo is due on Thursday - but isn't giving any clues that she is coming soon. I'm still feeling pretty good. I get pretty tired if I am super productive and active in the morning (like vacuuming, swiffering and mopping our entire house) but nothing that a nice nap on the couch can't fix. :)

Oh - I do have poison ivy. It's delightful.... not. I am taking medication, hoping that it will go away before Lucy arrives but I think it's spreading. :(

In the meantime, I have been working on a few last minute projects for Lucy and her room.

Pillow Sham
All the pregnancy websites, books and movies we have read/watched suggest bringing your own pillows to the hospital, apparently there are never enough. :) Since all our bedding is white, including pillow cases I knew my pillows would be easily be mixed up with the hospital pillows. To solve this problem, I made a pillow sham that matches Lucy's quilt with left over fabric. It only took about an hour to make it up and I love it.
I had also read on one of my favorite blogs, that fun pillow cases also provide a colorful backdrop for the first family picture that will be taken of the new mom, dad and baby. :) I think this will do the job nicely. :)
Chloe is getting into the preparation too. :)

Diaper Bag Tag
I had seen this idea in the past, I think someone even made my parents a tag for Anna's diaper bag soon after she was born. I got some fun baby themed paper for Christmas and hadn't gotten to use any of it yet. So I pulled out my scrap-booking supplies (I have way to much stuff - but it helps get my creative juices flowing when I have lots to work with :) ) and made Lucy Lu a personalized tag for her diaper bag.
I just love the way her name looks in print... :) I'm silly, I know. But when it is written out it makes me smile. :)
Oh, and perhaps the best part - the paper is double sided... making the back of the tag just as cute as the front. I think elephants will be one of Lucy's favorite animals, seeing as she has 4 adorable stuffed animals that are elephants and her Aunt Amy (and mom) love them. Lucy has at least 3 outfits with elephants on them.... I'll try not to go overboard... but it's going to be hard. ;)
Ok, this is the only project that is not finished yet. And thanks to my wonderful, curious, annoying cat, it is on hold.

If you will notice above - Chloe is in at least one picture for each project. Well, she wanted to be involved in this one too and has taken my crochet needle. Yes. She did. I didn't find it yesterday when I cleaned, I am going to ask Brad to look for it when he gets home later today (I can't get on my stomach these days to look under the beds and couches). Hopefully it will turn up so that I can finish this one last project before Lucy comes - it is part of her coming home outfit. :)

Lucy Jo - will you come out now?

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Aunt Amy said...

There may or may not be another elephant outfit coming for her in the near future!