Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Lucy arrived just in time for Father's day!

It was great to have Brad's family in town for the weekend too - Brad and I both knew that we were not the reason for their visit, but this princess was:

Spending time with Dad is one of Lucy's favorite pastimes. :)

Here is Lucy's set up in Brad and my room - we set up her pack-n-play - it works great! 1) Because she is near us at night, 2) Because at about 5 am the sun STREAMS into her nursery and would hinder sleeping in (which both mom and dad are huge fans of).

Laura and Anna loved having Brad's Dad here! They are such Daddy's girls and really missed being away from their dad, they cuddled right up to Mr. Wayne (he enjoyed the attention too).

On Saturday we ventured to Skokie where Lucy enjoyed her first trip to Old Orchard Mall - Brad and I love it up there. For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Old Orchard is an outdoor mall in one of the first northern suburbs. We love it because 1) There is a parking lot. 2) There is a movie theater. 3) We like meandering through the stores while holding hands ;)

Opening Father's Day gifts. Lucy got her Dad an electric razor.

Wayne got "toppers" for his golf clubs. (I am going to get scolded for not remembering what they are called)

Lucy, talking to Grandpa - letting him know how much she appreciates him on Father's Day. :)

Anna wanted in on the conversation too. :)

The only thing missing from the weekend was my dad - we missed you tons! Can't wait for you to meet Lucy Lu!

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