Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lucy's Visitors

Lucy was introduced to some very special people in her first two days of life.

She got to meet Grandma Lori hours after she was born.

And although Lucy didn't show it, she was super excited to meet Grandpa Wayne too. :)

Amy Kruska, a friend from Small Group, was Lucy's first outside-of-the-family visitor.

(Honorary) Aunt Christy and Aunt Jenny stopped by the hospital to meet their new little friend.

Aunt Jana (AJ) got to stop by on her way through Chicago. We get to see more of her in July - can't wait! :)

Amy Koehler - another sweet small group friend stopped by after Lucy Lu was home.

Even though Lucy is not aware that she has had all these visitors, we, her parents really appreciate all the love and excitement that has been shown for our new treasure.

(I noticed how almost all of Lucy's visitors are also bloggers - I have linked their blogs under their names... I love my friends! :) )

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