Friday, June 25, 2010

Visiting Dad at Work

Living with one car is easy to do in the city - especially since there is such "good" public transportation. On days that I need the car, I ether drive Brad to work or he takes the train. On Wednesday Lucy and I needed the car for her one week check-up and we decided to be nice and pick Dad up from work because it was a yucky day outside (in the 90s and humid) and Lucy wanted to see where her Dad spends his days (Read: Brad wanted to show off his Daughter at work :) ).

Meeting some of Dad's coworkers (L-R: Top, Aunt Jenny and Micah, Bottom, Rebecca and Dad's desk)

"This is where all the hard work takes place!"

Lucy must have been tuckered out (I guess having a Doctor appointment and going to Target with mom will do that to you) because she was zonked out all afternoon. She didn't make a peep and slept through the whole office tour. :) Oh well, we will just have to make another visit soon. :)

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Jenny said...

Yay! Sarah, you can bring Lucy to the office ANYtime. :)