Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lucy's Visitors - Part 2

It is so fun introducing Lucy to family and friends - she is such a happy and content baby that she doesn't mind being passed around and is often wide awake, excited to make new acquaintances.
My cousin Steve was in town for the weekend at a medical conference/meeting - we got to see him Sunday morning as he and a few friends came to church with us and then out to, the traditional-after-church (at least for the Kidders and their posse) Chipotle lunch. :) It was so good to see him and catch up on his life - can't wait to visit more in November at the family reunion over Thanksgiving!

Pamela and the boys (remember them from this post?) came over yesterday morning - they brought me a muffin (much appreciated!) and plenty of love to share with Lucy. :)

Kyle did great holding Luce - He kept saying how much bigger he was than her, super cute. :)

Drew was a bit worried to hold Lucy, but once we assured him that we would stay right by him, he warmed right up to the idea.

LOL - love this picture! :)

I'm going to miss these boys. A lot. But they are getting e-mail addresses so that we can still keep in touch! :) How great is that! I assured them I would send them pictures of Lucy so that they could keep updated on how she grows.

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