Monday, June 28, 2010

(Attempted) Tummy Time

When my sister Laura was an infant I had so much fun doing "Tummy Time" with her. Setting up a few of her little toys for her to look at as she lay on her stomach and exercised her neck muscles. I have been excited to try this out with Lucy too - here are pictures of my first attempt:

As you can see, the Boppy was just too comfy to resist. :) Lucy enjoyed her nap and we will attempt to have some Tummy Time another day.


Courtney Moore said...

SARAH! I can not get enough of sweet little Lucy Jo!!!! She is DARLING and I love her fuzzy hair!!! What a precious sweet cuddly little girl! Glad y'all are doing well!
Courtney Jo (also named after Lucy's sweet Grammy) :) :) :)

Rach said...

Judah HATES tummy time. He gets really mad that he doesn't get to be looking around at his world. But, I keep trying to ease him into it with toys and he is now lasting like three minutes before getting upset. :)