Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Little Aunts

For the first week of Lucy's life she was given LOTS of attention by her two doting little Aunts. They did such a good job with her.
Spending some time on her quilt, made with love by Grammy Jo.

Awake and alert in her cute Cherry outfit. Baby clothes are addictingly (I know that's not a "real" word) cute. :)

Laura and Anna loved it when Lucy would grab hold of their fingers! "She's holding my hand!"

Dress up! Mom recently found these wigs for Laura and Anna - so funny. It makes me laugh that Laura is always the "girl" and Anna plays the "boy" (with no objection) - this is exactly what I would make Becca do when we were little. If ever there was a choice between pink/blue or girl/boy - I always grabbed the feminine option. (What a wonderful, generous sister I was... :))

So much love... :)

This hoodie/pants combo is from Simone Halpin and is (no surprise) one of Lucy's more trendy outfits. The little short sleeved hoodie is seriously adorable!

I came out of my room one morning, after getting ready for the day to find Lucy playing with Grammy and the girls. She was so alert and awake - focusing really well on the little toys they would hold up for her to see.

Loving every minute with Grammy.

During one of Lucy's naps, the girls and I pulled out some beads and made necklaces/bracelets. How can you not have fun when Laura Rae is around? :)

Or this cutie pie - all she has to do is smile at you and you are wrapped around her little finger. :)

And what would a visit to the Kidder's be without some Wii Bowling. Anna would exclaim "YES!" whenever she got down some pins - so cute. :)

And once Laura got the hang of it, she really enjoyed it too - She is like me and if she is not good at something right away, she doesn't want to continue (it is kinda scary to see how many similarities there are between us!). But she persevered and really enjoyed it by the end of the first game. :) She would always stand in the exact spot on the rug, spending an extra second to make sure she was squarely positioned. :)


Jenny said...

Love the pictures Sarah! I like your new header too. :) Lucy is just so so cute!

Autumn Shea said...

You have GREAT taste in baby clothes! Everything is so cute!