Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm a tad bit confused....

Our pregnancy clicker said this yesterday:
But now this today:
Does it know something I don't?

We are patiently (read: don't-know-if-I-can-do-this-much-longer) waiting for Lucy's arrival. As of yesterday morning, I am 1 cm dialated. I walked with Brad yesterday as he played golf (supposedly 2 miles) and again this morning, around the park by our house (again aprox. 2 miles):
Believe me folks, if there is an at-home, natural way to induce labor - we have tried it. I keep repeating to myself.... "Lucy will come when she is ready." I can only trust that my body will begin laboring when it is ready - because all my attempts to make it be ready or encourage labor to begin have not worked.

The house is clean (I have nested), hospital bag is packed... the only thing left to do is to finish Lucy's bonnet - but since Chloe put a stop to that project and I can't seem to find the crochet needle (seriously, our house isn't that big, where is it?!?!?!), that project might not get done. :) But I'm okay with that, I'm ready for Lucy - with or without a bonnet. :)

It is a good thing that I believe that God is sovereign. I know He knows exactly when Lucy will come into this world. It will be soon.... I know that.... I just want it to be in my definition of "soon" - which is s"now." :)

We will twitter (which will update our Facebook status(es) [what is the plural of status?] automatically) when we are headed into the hospital. We appreciate all your prayers!

Hopefully Lucy will come soon. :)


Autumn Shea said...

I always just told myself that God had just the right timing in mind. The right nurse on shift, the right empty room, etc. Everything would be just right in order for me to be where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. I also prayed that my birth would be a blessing and a witness to whomever I came into contact with that day. My delivery nurses actually thanked ME for letting them be part of my experience! SO neat!
Waiting is HARD!!!

kaw said...

This is probably some of the hardest waiting you'll have to do in your whole life! Can't wait to see her sweet face! Have you tried eggplant? Random, but supposedly helps...