Friday, April 1, 2011

Fixin' Up Friday: Shearing Shrubbery

Like I said about a week ago, when my mom was here she showed me how to prune the bushes and rose bushes we have in our yard. We didn't have a ton of time (and I didn't have the proper tools), so she showed me where to cut and explained the process to me so I could do it when she was gone. Well, I have started working on taming our shrubbery - and boy, did it need taming.  From what we can tell, investing time, energy and $$ into the yard and landscaping wasn't something that the previous owners were interested in.  So we have a big job on our hands - the yard needs some weed-be-gone and grass seed and the landscaping needs some pruning and tlc. I am pretty sure this year will be full of learning, taming and maintaining what we already have in the yard (we are hoping to plant some Gladiola bulbs this weekend) there are too many projects to work on INSIDE for us to spend our resources ($, time and energy) OUTSIDE. So other than some mulch, a hanging plant and maybe a potted plant. I don't think we will be doing too much outside. :) (Well, mowing goes unsaid right? :) we do need a lawnmower! A not-so-fun purchase in my book.)

BUT giving the shrubbery some tlc was something that we figured would give us a lot of bang-for-our-buck! All we had to purchase was a pair of $10 loppers (or branch cutters - there is a debate in our family as to what this tool is called. :) ). And then all I needed was nice weather and some time and I was able to make a BIG difference to the south side of our front yard (all our projects happening on the south side of our house.... what's up with that? I need to start working on other sides. :) )

The supplies I used: Gloves (which didn't end up being thick enough - I bought some leather ones - the bushes had thorns like roses), loppers/branch cutters and an old trash can to put the debris in (I learned that it was better to use an old blanket to put the branches on and then ask for Brad's help to carry them to the back yard).

The bushes BEFORE....
 My cutie patootie helper.... :) 

 Luce has been putting her arms "Up" and "Down" lately, I can't believe all the things she is learning - more every day. :)

 The bushes after! Hey look! There is a window there! I have a bit more raking to do over here, there is a ton of trash hiding under leaves. But things are looking much better!

 I don't know if you can see it here... but we found a trellis in one of the bushes - I need Brad's help taking out. It is good. and. stuck. But i am thinking we can paint it a crazy color (Pink maybe? Will Brad allow it?) and put it against the fence in the back yard - free yard ornaments? Yes please!

And here are both the before and after pictures for you to compare:

A good change? I think so. Have you been able to do Spring Clean-Up in your yard yet? It is going to be a bit of a process here, but I am happy with the progress so far! :)

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Lori said...

Wow! What a big improvement. I'm envious of the green grass and short sleeves.