Monday, April 18, 2011

10 Months

My baby girl has turned into a little girl in this past month.  So bitter sweet.  I love the baby-stages so so much so I am sad Lulu is beyond "baby" things.  But the fact she is growing into a little girl is so exciting! She is learning new things, exploring her world and showing her personality more every day. :)

This month's accomplishments:

  • CRAWLING! Lucy never stays in the same place anymore. She is a champion crawler, moving around the house! It is so fun to see her crawling down the hall, coming from her bedroom, looking for her mama. :) 
  • Climbing up the Stair: Along with crawling, Lucy can move from the living room to the dining room conquering a step along the way. :) 
  • Pulling herself up: Along with crawling and climbing is pulling. :) Lulu pulls herself up to her feet on the hearth, bookcases, side tables, sofa, chairs and her bike. She is our little explorer. 
  • Finger foods: In an effort to help Lucy become a bit more independent in eating, we have started introducing more finger foods. Ritz Crackers, Cheerios, Kix, pizza strips, strawberries, Oreos (a treat), peas, chick peas and mushrooms. Lucy loves chicken (especially chick-fil-a!) but doesn't care for beef (unless it is taco meat). We have found, with independence, comes dislike. Luce has discovered that if she is feeding herself and doesn't want to eat something, she doesn't have to bring it to her mouth. This has brought a few struggles at the dinner table. Oh joy. 
  • Up-Down: If you say, "Up down!" to Lulu she will raise her hands up in the air and (eventually) bring them down again. :) 
  • Sitting on her Knees: The balancing act of sitting on her knees has been perfected. :) 
  • Sharing food: Lucy has begun to share food with mom and dad, offering it to us and sometimes putting it in our mouths. Sometimes she takes the food back and puts it in her own mouth. The little trickster. :) 
  • Formula from a Sippy Cup: We have cut out another nursing time and have started to feed Lucy a sippy cup of formula before her afternoon nap. She drinks it down like a champ and loves to watch Wonder Pets while having her drink. :) (The weaning process is going to happen sooner than expected. Lucy has become a biter. OUCH!)

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    So, so, so, vary cute!:)