Friday, August 19, 2011

Fixin' Up Friday: Master Bedroom, Progress and the Plan

My Mothers-Day gift from Lucy (and her Daddy) was new bedding for our Master Bedroom (!!!!). I have the best husband (and daughter) ever. :) 

I loved our previous bedding, we got the set from JCPenny when we got married. But the $99.99 price tag was beginning to show. There were multiple rips in the comforter (that had been mended on multiple occasions) and some fading was becoming more obvious. So I was THRILLED with my gift. 

Picking out bedding has not been a successful experience for Brad and I in the past.  I received the "rights" to pick out our bedding previously by trading my desire to bike around Mackinac Island, MI (a very romantic activity) with Brad (who does not like biking. at. all.) for 100% decision-making-rights in what our bedding would look like. In addition to a husband who loves to cook (a huge blessing for this wife, who NEVER expected that trait in her price charming), my husband also has an opinion on the decor choices in our home. For the most part we agree, but bedding has NEVER been one of those areas of agreement.
  • Brad's Ideal Bedding: Monotone/Solid color, Clean lines, Hotel "Look"
  • Sarah's Ideal Bedding: Pattern/Lots of color, Texture, Layers
Is the fact that: shopping for bedding is difficult for us apparent? Okay, we can now move on. :) 

Mother's day was May 8th, and we actually found bedding while in Chicago (May 23rd-June 1st) - that's three weeks later! I'm pretty proud of our team-decision making process this time around. :)

(Yes, we have had this bedding for almost 2 months - but we JUST got the Euro pillows, completing the look. That's why I haven't shared this with you previously. :) )

Here is what our room looked like BEFORE:

And here is what it looks like NOW:
 We love it. :) And in my opinion, that is the most important thing when it comes to Master Bedroom decisions. I want us both to be comfortable in this room - it should be a comination of BOTH of us. :)

I gave up pattern, Brad embraced texture. Brad sacrificed his desire for monotone and I accepted only two colors. :)

 We I hope to bring in some (modern) pattern through curtains and a pillow.  For the curtains, I am thinking a graphic stripe or bold paisley (there are a few options at Hob Lob I like, but I haven't been there with Brad yet to have ether of them "approved") we already have brushed silver rings for the curtains, but need to buy the curtain rods. But those can wait until we find fabric. :) I would like to add one more pillow to the bed, to break up the "division" between the sides. I think the two euro pillows and two decorative shams make the bed look like it is divided in half, so I'd like to add some sort of pillow front-and-center to bring unity to the two halves. :) Maybe a round bolster? 

We are loving the texture and contrast between our new bedding. The white duvet and shams are from West Elm and the blue blanket and euro shams are from Crate and Barrel (I think they have discontinued this bedding now, I can't find it on their website. We got it when it was majorly discounted - I guess that explains why).

Okay, so I've shared the progress we have made, but here is the plan for the rest of the room:
  • Make Headboard (shaped like this), we already have the fabric we need for this project! Can't wait to get started. We will need to get a bed frame for our bed - we are eliminating the foot board (we bump into it and bruise our thighs) - but are planning on re-purposing this bed frame in our guest room (which currently houses the mattress on the floor).
  • Replace the hardware on the night stands (and maybe dresser) - possibly refinish night stands? I'd love to stain them a darker color, but I don't know how the wood would respond to the treatment (It is a soft wood - we bought the set on Crag's List for before we got married). 
  • Find fabric and make floor to (almost) ceiling curtains. 
  • Find art for above the bed to hide the electrical box and balance out the window. Possibly this or this?
  • Dreaming: Replace carpet with hardwood flooring, purchase a chair for the corner by the dresser, move one night stand to the guest room and purchase something else (I LOVE when night stands coordinate with each other but are not matching), install a french door to the back yard - buy hot tub (this is Brad's dream). :) 
Well, that is an update on the progress and plan for our Master. :) Have you been focusing on a particular room in your house lately? I'd love to have the first five things on the list above done before Michael comes but we will see what life throws at us.

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megan said...

SO PRETTY! Well done. I love the texture of the throw pillows.