Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Table

If you know me well, you know that I like to switch up my table centerpiece with the seasons (and sometimes more often than that!). This changing in decor sometimes even overflows to surrounding spaces - currently, our buffet or kitchen cart.  As I was yearning for fall the other day (sweatshirts, crisp mornings... football), I resisted the urge to switch out our summer decor for autumn stuff because I realized I hadn't taken pictures of our summer dining room to share with you. Plus, it's August.... I think I need to wait til mid-Sept before bringing out the pumpkins.

Two things that pop into my mind when I think of summer are 1) Sand and 2) Shells or in a single word, "Beach." This was my inspiration for our Summer Table 2011.

Ta Da! 

 I filled my hurricanes with sand, centered a blue textured candle and surrounded it with shells - the day after I did this (no joke) one of my favorite blogs did the same thing in an apothecary jar! I felt so creative and "fashion forward" (As they say on Project Runway - yes, I'm addicted). :)

 A bird's eye view of the hurricane. I'm so over my previous mind-set of: "I never burn candles because I want to use them over and over again." As you can see we have enjoyed these candles this summer - love dinner and candlelight. :) I used an old table cloth that had been badly stained to make the table "runner" - I liked the simplicity of the shorter length of cloth and I've really enjoyed the plaid tone on tone fabric.

Moving onto our kitchen cart:
 I found this cheese cloche for $3 at a thrift store. It even has a marble bottom. I KNOW!

 We haven't used it for cheese yet, but the shells are enjoying their summer home (they told me so).

Buffet time:
  I found two buffet lamps 70% off at Kirklands in Amarillo earlier this summer! I love the ambiance they provide to our dining room - perfect for our buffet. (I think I need to raise the picture between them about 3 inches, to help with the "Triangle" effect) I'm also playing with the idea of painting a large canvas (like 2.5x4ish) to place here, something a bit industrial with text on it (I'm currently thinking 1 John 3:18). We will see. 

The summer beachy theme continues to the buffet, I put some sand in a shallow bowl and filled it with some of the larger shells I have in my collection. All of my shells were given to me by "Grandma" Reed - a sweet neighbor who truly functioned as a grandmother to us kids (we lived 20 hours from biological grandparents) when we were growing up. She had a shell collection that we were not allowed to touch (I think one of us broke a sand dollar at one point - if my memory is correct) but I would spend a lot of time gazing at them. She knew how much I loved them and when she moved into a nursing home, she gave them to me. I have loved having reminders of Grandma Reed around my house this summer - such happy memories. 

So that's our Summer 2011 dining room. :) Do you have any summer decor that comes out every year? I haven't done the same thing twice (yet) with summer decor (Click here to see our Summer 2010 table) but I have loved the sand/shells so much - you may see them again next year. :)

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Matt and Amy said...

I've been wanting one of those cheese things. I'm on the lookout! Love the shell theme! I'm also ready to put out fall things but going to make myself wait until mid-September to do it!