Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Ready For Michael: The Quilt

Michael's quilt is finished! With only 8 weeks 6 days until his due date - I have been feeling a bit short on time to finish some projects, both sewing and around the house stuff. I am really happy to have the quilt done - one more thing crossed off the "To Do Before Michael Arrives" list. :)
 How we started.

 All the individual quilt squares done. 

 Ta Da!!!

 I LOVE the fabric I found for the back! Lucy's quilt has green polk-a-dots on the back too - I like things to coordinate.

 The orange fabric ended up being much "louder" than I anticipated - after I was done piecing the top of the quilt I looked at the whole thing and my heart sank a bit. The orange was so "hello!" and seemed to me to be the focus, it was calling all the attention to itself (selfish fabric!). I hadn't bought fabric for the binding yet, so I looked for something bright that would help meet the "volume" of the orange and tell it, "You're not the only bright fabric at this party, tone it down!"

 I think my plan worked well - I love the results. :) Everyone is now having a great time at the fabric party and no one is dominating the conversation. :) 

(Don't you love how the fabrics talk in my mind? haha!)

 This quilt makes me happy. I can't wait to cuddle up with my son. :)

Something else that makes me happy: 
 The fabrics match up to form the flamingo! :) 

 And again here to form the parrot. :) Neither of these were intentional, but a happy accident nonetheless.

31 wks 1 day

Pregnancy Update: 

Michael continues to grow, turn and kick! He is so much more active than Lucy was - "Get ready mom and dad! I'm an active boy!" - and has already expressed his love of his daddy's chocolate chip cookies (it felt like he was doing somersaults)! :) He is measuring right where he should be and we are counting the days until we can see his sweet face. :) 

As far as how this mamma is doing, well I've been much more uncomfortable in the past few weeks as the third trimester has hit - achy and sore.  Trying to stay chipper and upbeat has been a bit hard - why do pregnancy hormones have to be so stinking strong? We are taking one day at a time and looking forward to 4 months from now when I will feel like myself, physically and emotionally. I've been trying to have more realistic expectations of myself, spreading the housework out over 4 days instead of trying to hammer it all out in one and forcing myself to sit for a little while in the afternoon - that's how the quilt got done! So it's been a good change.

That's it for now, I washed and ironed fabric and made the ties for Michael's crib skirt this afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing his bedding take shape. Hopefully later this week there will be a Lucy/Family update! :) There is a lot to catch you up on! 


Amanda Shih said...

Beautiful, beautiful job!! I don't think that the orange is too loud--I think it's a perfect balance! And your belly is SUPER cute. Feels like just two weeks ago that I was also super uncomfortable with pregnancy. Oh wait--that WAS two weeks ago that I was super pregnant and over it! :) Almost there, friend! You can do it!!

Drew and Rachel said...

the quilt is

you really made me smile revealing the secret world of fabric party conversations!

be sure to get some rest, Sarah. much love to you and the other 3.