Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In which I ramble about a bunch of random things...

1. Well, last week held a big transition for the Kidder family - I've started working again. After much prayer we have decided it would be a blessing for both our family and the church if I worked 12 hours a week as the church secretary/Brad's assistant.  It makes me laugh that the question I've been asked the most about this change is, "How can you work with your husband?" or "How can you spend so much time with your husband?" Brad and I have always worked really well together in the kitchen and in the work place (we are working on working well together with home diy projects! :) lol) - We are both particular about certain things and pretty understanding of each other when it comes to "office" things. We have been praying for both humility and clear communication though!

Lucy has gone down to one nap a day, and it has worked perfectly for her to sleep at church in an empty classroom from 12-3! She loves playing in her daddy's office and has adjusted well to this change. When Michael comes, the plan is for me to have a swing or some sort of baby-holding-divice by my desk to help with productivity, but we will finalize all those details once he is here.

We have gone into this situation realizing the potential dangers of being "so involved" (pastor's wives can so easily become burnt out). It is such a comfort to me to know that Brad (and the elders) want to protect me and our family.  I know that he will ask me to step back if I am doing too much and often tells me, "I can't talk to you about that" (hard to hear the first few times, but I'm used to it now and trust him completely).  So far it's been great - but we are willing to make changes to protect our marriage, our family and our ministry.

2. Random tip for all you who enjoy doing have to do laundry: I have really been enjoying OxiClean lately - presoaking Lu's clothes (that have food/crayon remnants on them) has really helped! If the stain is appearing to be stubborn, I'll scrub it gently with an old toothbrush after soaking, before washing.
3. Tonight is the first soup night of Fall 2011 - let's just say Brad and Sarah are excited.

Love when recipes are written in my mom's handwriting. :)

4. Lucy's vocabulary is ever increasing. Last week we learned, Please "pease" and Night Night "Nigh nigh." If she sees candy of any kind she starts spewing "Pease, pease, pease?!?" :) It is hard to say no to that!

5. Little tea cups work really well to corral straight pins when in the middle of a sewing project - plus they are adorable.

6. Last week, we came home from work and it was warm in the house (due to the sun spilling in) so I pulled the curtains, in an effort to be energy efficient. Look what I saw:

I screamed and jumped onto the dining room table (I give you permission to laugh at this mental image). Thankfully Brad was home to be my hero - the mouse did escape, (yuck) but we haven't seen it since so we are hoping it escaped to the outside (we have a pier and beam foundation). I have instructed Chloe Cat to be on the alert.

7. I finished Michael's crib skirt yesterday and over the weekend a friend from church helped me surge the edges of his swaddle blankets (Thanks Sherry!!!). Here is a sneak peek of the skirt, a full reveal will come when all of his bedding is complete.

8. I have a new Pandora station addiction.
 Jadon. Lavik. Wonderful. 

I think I was hooked when the first song this station played was "This is my Father's World" for some reason, that song is so "fall" to me. :)

9. I made a fall wreath last night, I'm not so sure how I feel about it. It was supposed to look like this one, but ended up looking way more "3rd grade art project." What do you think? Honest opinions are appreciated. 

10. Fall has finally arrived in the Texas Panhandle. We could not be more excited - we have had three fires in our fireplace this past week! Yeah, we are a tad bit crazy. :)

Well, I think that is all for today - I told you this would be a bit random. :) Hope you enjoy your Tuesday!


kaw said...

Happy Tuesday Sarah Joy!!

So proud of you for being willing to work with Brad and being willing to reassess as necessary. (That was a lot of s's!)

LOVE LOVE LOVE oxiclean!! LOVE! The spray doesn't work great, but I use the liquid kind and it gets out crazy stains!!! LOVE!

Love Michael's bedding!

I scream at roaches, so I can't even imagine a roach.

Our fall weather is coming and we will be having lots of fires!! Remember our family room redo? That was so Brax would sit in there with me and have a fire b/c there's a nice tv in there now. :) Sneaky birthday present to him...

Love to you four! (Guess this is really long and I probably should have just written an email!)

Sarah said...


I like that your comment was e-mail length. :) It made me happy.

Being reminded of your family room redo made me wish we could come over and have a "chill" night with you! :)

Autumn said...

EEEP! LOVE Michael's dust ruffle (can you call it that when it's for a boy? Just thought about that...) The tie on it was a really cute idea. I've never seen that.
A mouse!? YUCK! I'd be so glad for that cat of yours right now. Is she a good mouser? I did totally laugh at the thought of you jumping onto the table, but then again I totally would have done the same.
I think the wreath is nicer than 3rd grade project for sure, but it does fall short some how... maybe it's the color of the leaves being so varied? Maybe monochromatic would be better?
I love that Lucy is talking more. SO cute! I think Mia maybe a little too dependent on signing. She is a SUPER signer, but a little slow on the actual words.
Anyhoo... love you and your precious family!

Drew and Rachel said...

a good variety post, sarah. loved every bit.