Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Michael's favorite Toys

My Michael BOY! And he is ALL boy. It's crazy to me to see the gender differences showing themselves so distinctly so early. I love it. 

Michael loves the Leap Frog Barn we have for the fridge - the pieces don't stay on the refrigerator for long because he takes them all off and and after looking at each one, most of them end up down the step on the carpet. :) 

 The barn also sings some songs - which Michael LOVES, he often dances and "Sings" along (His singing is just grunts - but is still cute!)

 Michael absolute favorite toy is this green ball - we have a few (thankfully) because he has bit holes through them and crushed a few already! He will throw it and crawl after it. The balls are really light and easily "jump" if your hand skids over it - Michael thinks this is super funny and will often giggle as he's playing with his green ball. :) 

This guy doesn't stay still anymore! He's up the stair, down the stair, around the corner, in the bathroom, in his room, in the cat food, in Lucy's room, playing really hard everywhere and anywhere!

He's all boy! 

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Susannah said...

Aww... This is precious! Thanks for sharing! I love when personalities start showing on little ones - including gender differences. :-)