Friday, March 8, 2013

Kidder Kid Conversations

Ok, so I am 3 or 4 months behind in my blogging... there is a lot to catch you guys up on! Michael had a birthday, Christmas happened and we have some big "Our family is in transition" news! Just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean that our kids, namely Lucy, haven't been funny. My note on my phone is overflowing with funny things she's said - so let's get this catch-up ball rolling with some funnies! 

Around Christmas, bringing a book to Brad,
Lucy: "Can we read this book about Santa-No-Closet?"

Lucy, "talking" on the phone with Tinkerbelle: "Are you eating with Peter Pan?"

Lucy: But I don't have any money!
Sarah: (Breaking into song) It's not about the money money money...
Lucy: Thanks for reminding me 

Lucy: Good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the baby piglets bite! 

(She still says this, we find it too cute to correct her)

Lucy: "Mommy! I always wake up the farm, since I was a little chicken. I say Cock-a-doodle-do!!!"

Lucy: "Look at those rhinos!"
Sarah: "I don't see any rhinos silly."
Brad: "oh Lu, those are cows! But if you ever do see a rhino - please let us know!"
Lucy: "They are not cows... They are rhinos."

S: Well, what do you want for presents for your birthday?
L:Maybe a record collection?
S: A record collection?
L: "Yeah, that's when I turn on the music and shake my belly and dance! Can we get that from the store?"

While eating dinner, during a lull in the conversation,
L: "Daddy is so gorgeous, he is so gorgeous."
S: "haha! yes he is Lu, yes he is" 

Lucy: (As I'm crawling in bed with her to wake her up from a long nap) "Mommy? I spy you with my eye" 

L: "Let's pray for Ellie!"
B: "Jesus, thank you for Ellie and the  happiness and comfort she brings Lucy."
L: "She doesn't bring me! I bring her!"

Upon seeing a little boy, at Walmart, in PJ's that look a little too familiar:
L: "No! Those are Michael's pajamas!" 

After a horrible mouse encounter (thankfully Brad was home) during which I screamed and was sent to my bedroom.
Lucy: Mommy are you scared of mice?
Sarah: Yes Lucy I am.
Lucy: I'm scared of hand driers. 

(I felt very understood and loved by this statement. Because she does. not. like. hand driers!)

Lucy stuck a play candle into the cushions of the couch and exclaimed: "Happy Birthday to the Couch!!"

While playing with finger puppets:
Sarah (as a chicken): "Cluck cluck, how are you today Mr Octopus?"
Lucy (as a octopus): "I need to get back to the sea" 

Sarah: "Hey there little Miss!"
Lucy: "I'm not a little mess, I'm a BIG mess!!" 

Lucy, after passing gas: "Oops, I just tweeted."

After receiving her milk from the McDonald's drive through,
Lucy: "It's got a clown on it!"
Sarah: "A clown? Oh! That's Ronald McDonald! He's the McDonald's clown."
Lucy: "Wonald McDonawld?" Hehe "That's a funny name!" 


kate said...

These are great... thanks for posting!

Amanda Shih said...

tweeted and happy birthday couch made me laugh out loud. Super duper cute!