Sunday, March 17, 2013

Twin Day!

My sweet mother-in-law texted me one day while shopping and asked, "How do we feel about matching clothes for the kids?" I smiled as I replied, "I'm fine with matching every once in awhile - but don't want them to be twinsies every day :) " On our next visit to MI, the kids had red matching shirts waiting for them! Lucy thinks it's really fun to "match" other people so she didn't need much convincing to dress the same as Michael for the day. (She's become a bit particular about choosing her own clothing - this is helpful... most days.) :) 

Apparently, Michael was excited about matching too! :) 

I've learned to be happy with pictures that are "different" from what I used to anticipate (both kids looking at the camera, smiling) - and have found myself loving the quirkiness and personality the camera can capture.

Although it stinks when the picture you like best turns out grainy... :) 

Yep - real life... Lucy spitting at Michael and Michael gearing up to hit Lucy. Oh sibling love. 

"What do you mean mom? We're little angels!" :)

Lu seems so inquisitive to me in this picture. 

Those eyes.... I could stare at them for hours.... 

Michael went through a "Help I'm stuck on the chairs!" phase... he quickly learned that his feet were inches from the floor and that he could slide off easily. 

Oh, and Lucy has learned how to "smile" nicely for the camera.... it's pretty sweet. :) 

I love these two kids. 

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