Saturday, March 16, 2013

Twin Girls & Their Babies

Lucy has many small friends in Pampa that are very dear to her (and her parents!). One of her buddies is Karsen. Karsen is an energetic, smart, fun-loving girlie who loves her mommy, daddy and her bitty-twins (who's names change on a regular basis - Brad and Lulu have been honored to have the babies be given their names in the past!). Karsen's grandma ordered her a matching outfit set for her and her dolly and when the shipment arrived, she had received a double order! :) Karsen's mommy was so sweet to think of Lucy - the girls love love loved their outfits and put them on right away: 

It can be difficult to keep two girlies still for pictures! :) Especially when they are so excited.

Thank you Karsen for sharing this sweet gift! Caroline (Lucy's doll) has even shared her outfit with Ellie so she can match Lucy - we've gotten lots of use out of it! :)

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