Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Grandpa Gordy

On November 9th I woke up to a text message, "Grandpa with Jesus." There were more details in the text, but those words were all that mattered at the moment. My dear Grandpa had struggled with Alzheimer's for years and although seeing my Grandma faithfully, lovingly care for him was a blessing - it was even more of a blessing to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my dear Grandpa was with Jesus. No more suffering, confusion or pain. I wrote in an e-mail to my friends later in the day, "The words of 1 Peter are true for my Grandpa today, he has a complete understanding of God, is fully sanctified and gets to praise Jesus face to face today. He has his memory and can bask in the glory of the God he loved with his whole heart." 

Grandpa meeting Lucy for the first time. August 2010
4 Generations, Grandpa Gordy, My Dad, Me and Lucy. November 2010
Meeting Michael, February 2012
Helping Lucy put her shoes on Ellie, February 2012
We quickly packed up and headed to Minnesota to be with family. It was the fastest pack up we've ever done - and we Kidders are known to be pretty spontaneous. All of my pictures from this trip are from my phone, I forgot my camera in the hurry to get out the door. 

 Our kids are traveling champs! 

 Of course we had to refuel along the way. :) 

We made it safely to Minnesota and settled into our hotel. There was a beautiful family service on the 11th - Grandma and Grandpa have 10 kids, 48 grandkids and 16 great grandchildren - all of the families were represented. It was a special service worshiping Jesus as a family and remembering together special memories of Grandpa. 

After the service our little family headed to the Mall of America for a few hours of rest - and to celebrate my birthday! :) 
Michael looking dapper at Buca De Beppo

 My daughter and me... she sang me happy birthday - :)

There was a memorial service the next day, it was a PACKED church. My Uncle Tom did a great job on the service, he incorporated all of his siblings into the eulogy and spoke of how each of them are continuing Grandpa's legacy. It was beautifully focused on Jesus. 

My Grandpa did a lot in his life. His book, Discovering The Bible, has been translated into 6 languages so far. He started a hospital in Hong Kong and had a distinguished medical career in the Twin Cities too. But the things that stand out to me the most about my Grandpa is that he loved Jesus, he loved his wife so very sweetly until the very end and he was passionate about people loving the Word of God. 

Brad took this video in August 2010 when we took Lucy up to Minnesota to meet all her extended family. It's so special to me - I can't watch it with out tearing up. During this particular trip up north, we were able to stay with Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Gordy and have such fond memories of Grandpa's observations of Lucy: 

Back to this most recent trip, while visiting Aunt Jana's house, Lucy was told that there was a "Bob" living down this drain - it was so funny, she kept yelling down there, "Hello!? Bob? What are you doing down there?"

 Auntie Jana and her favorite nephew and neice. :)
(I can only say that because their the only ones right now)

Our trip to the Twin Cities was a very quick one, but we were able to see my mom's parents too at their favorite Denny's! Which was conveniently located in the parking lot of our hotel! We very much enjoyed our breakfast with them. 

 Oh! And Uncle John came along too!! (You thought I was going to forget about you didn't you Uncle J Bob?) :)

We are starting our Daughter's addiction to hot drinks early... she liked Caribou, but prefers Starbucks (sorry Minnesota Cousins - I know that's sacrilege to you!!) :) 

 And of course, we HAD to get us some CHIPOTLE while we were up there! 

Then we headed home! On the road again, 

We made it home safely and upon arrival I had a birthday card, dated Nov. 8th, from Grandma and Grandpa - the tears flowed all over again! It meant/means so much to me to have this one, last card from both of them. 

I am so thankful that I do not mourn without hope - I miss my Grandpa but I know I'll see him again. I've never lived close to extended family, but both Grandpa Gordy and Grandma Bonnie made me feel individually loved (a hard thing when you're #16 of 48 grandkids!) and cared for. I hope my life will someday be defined by love too - love for Jesus and love for those around me. 

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