Thursday, March 14, 2013

11 Months Old

(Michael took a tumble in our hotel room in Minnesota and came home with a scratched up nose!) 

11 Month Accomplishments/Activities (not all things on this list can be counted as an accomplishment... :-/ )
  • Nursing Strike 3.5 days - this. was. horrible. We were traveling in Michigan and this kid would. not. nurse. :-/ Thankfully he is back, but as a result of the "strike" we had to cut down to nursing 3 times a day from 5-6. 
  • Two new teeth (maybe the reason that the strike happened?)
  • Climbing the Step, our boy is no longer contained to our sunken living room - he has discovered how to climb over the step and a whole new world has been opened to him! 
  • Pulling himself up to standing, in bed, on the coffee table, on the play kitchen - Lucy's creations are no longer safe on "higher" surfaces! 
  • All 4s! Sometimes he pushes himself to his hands and feet, a nice little triangular shape with his bottom high in the air. :) 
  • LOVES making people clap and laugh. This is especially evident at meal times, he is thrilled when all three of us copy his actions. 

To see Lucy at 11 Months, click here!

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