Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Transitioning to Three

I was a little worried after having Gordon that Michael, who has always been a mamma's boy would respond negatively to having a new baby held by mamma so much of the day. I have been so surprised and pleased with how Michael has responded to Gordon - he truly loves him. His favorite question for the weeks after Gordon was born was "Hug?" He wanted to hug, kiss and hold his brother all day long - it made this mamma's heart so happy!

The first week of transitioning to three kids was relatively easy, I had constant help from Brad or my mom. My goal on my first day alone with all three kids was to get ready for the day at some point (Brush hair, make up, brush teeth, get dressed) and to care for the kids. I had no other agenda - the day went pretty well (like I said in previous posts, my mom set me up for success before she left!). 

Since that first week, we have had many highs and lows. Yesterday was a definite low. Lucy was being super sensitive, Michael fussy and moody (we think he has an ear infection) and Gordon wasn't quite right. Added to the mix was a tired, congested mamma. Oh and tears - everyone had tears at one point or another.  Honestly I didn't respond well to the kids attitudes, I matched their bad moods with a worse one and had to apologize for the way I spoke to them later in the day.  We made it to nap time and I joined them in sleeping for 45 minutes. Naps were shorter than normal but we all had a snack of cookies and milk after we woke up and our afternoon outlook seemed a bit better. I gave the kids separate activities (they were still picking on each other) and we made it through the afternoon. Daddy to the rescue, Chinese delivery and a glass of wine helped the evening end well.

One of my favorite "high" moments thus far with three kids happened right as our Life Group was starting, we were all set up and ready but then Gordon decided he was hungry and Michael had a melt down. I took both boys upstairs (our house is small and two fussy boys makes it feel smaller) and gave Michael some books on my bed while I sat down to nurse Gordon. Usually looking at books quietly helps Michael calm down but this particular evening he was really upset. Lucy came in and I got to witness a super sweet sibling interaction,
L: "Michael are you still feeling upset?" 
M: (Through tears) "Yeah"
L: "Can I read you a book?"
M: "Yeah"
Lucy proceeded to "read/recite" him two or three books and Michael calmed down. 
L: "Are you feeling better now?" 
M: "Yeah" 

2 Thessalonians 3:5

Any transition comes with highs and lows. As we settle into parenting three kids and finding our new normal (what used to work just won't anymore) I'm so thankful for the love of God and the steadfastness of Christ. I keep being drawn to 2 Thessalonians 3:5 and thinking of the love that God has for me and what that love produces in me - in thought or action. How does the knowledge of how much God loves me help me better love my husband and kids? I've also been thinking about the phrase "steadfastness of Christ" - I am anything but steadfast these days, maybe that's what's drawing me to it. I'm a mess. But knowing that my Savior is steadfast in his love for me, that my salvation - bought by his blood - is steadfast, has been a calming reassurance in the midst this transition.

I've also found this verse to be a wonderful verse to pray for friends - what better request could we offer up for those we love? 

How does this verse impact your thinking today? 

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