Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Break - Coming to an end...

On Monday I start classes up again.... oh joy! :) Honestly, I am excited about my classes this spring, and the consistent schedule will be good too. It is just that break has been wonderful - and I am happy to say, that I got everything done I wanted to: Scrap booking, Zoo Lights, Painting (this weekend :)), hanging out with Miriam :), hair cut and last but not least eye brow threading (If you don't know what it is - - it is amazing!).

I am really excited about my schedule this next semester - here it is (If you click on it, it will expand and be large enough to read :) ):

Brad's schedule is much less colorful! :) He works 7-3:30 Monday through Friday, but does have Awana on Wednesday nights too! :)

This last week has been really nice, we had Miriam over for dinner on Tuesday - it was wonderful to see her and catch up before school starts back up again. We had a blast playing Mario Cart Wii after dinner for a little bit - she was really good (and surprisingly competative!!!)! Wednesday was the first Awana of 2009 - and because we don't have all our Moody Students back yet - it was hectic! There were 3 regular leaders, including Brad and myself, and 32 kids! Thankfully Tim - our Awana "Commander" :), came and helped us out. Needless to say tho - we were exhausted afterwards. Thursday Jenny and Brandon came over for dinner - we had Chicken Divan (yum) and Brandon brought an Apple Pie (double yum)!

Yesterday Brad brought Chloe to the vet to get fixed and de-clawed, we pick her up today after work. Our plan is to give her lots of lovin this weekend, poor thing.....

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) Brad and I are planning on going on a breakfast date - which will be really fun. And on Sunday we are having a bunch of friends over for a soup/fresh breadparty - Moody's Cafeteria is not open to returning students on that evening - so we are goign to feed our travel worn and hungry friends. :)

Snow has returned to Chicago! We had about a week of really nice "mild" weather (I know I have adjusted to the northern winters when I can call 30 degrees "mild") but now the cold has returned. We are staying nice and warm. We have a "fireplace" that we can turn on on our tv, which adds a nice ambiance to the Living Room on cold winter evenings. :)

Love to all!

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