Friday, January 2, 2009

Our First Christmas - The Tree

We went on a "Christmas Extravaganza" one Saturday in late November (before Thanksgiving). We drove out to Schaumberg and went to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Ikea in search of the perfect decorations for our first Christmas together. While standing at Walmart - admiring the beautiful trees, we debated which size to get. Finally deciding on the "perfect" tree. It is 7.5 ft tall - "This is going to look beautiful in our apartment" we thought.

We were so excited to Christmasafy our apartment - we did so that very night. Much to our surprise the tree was much larger than we had anticipated.This was before the top was on - "Uh babe, that looks kinda big."As you can see from Brad's face - we were shocked to realize that a width of 4 ft is quite large for a tree (In our small apartment). Nevertheless, we were determined to set it up.
We were still a little flabbergasted at the size of our wonderful tree, but we were so excited to see how nice it looked and were anxious to light it and decorate it. :)
Isn't it beautiful!?!?! We were thrilled with the results, we shifted the living room a little, so the tree wouldn't be in the middle of the apartment, but against a wall. We had such a fun time putting the lights on, and putting all our ornaments on. We deliberated what colors of ornaments to get and decided to get red/burgandyish and gold. I have been so happy with our choice. The tree looks regal (in my opinion). :) And the crown tree topper helps remind us of the reason for the season - Jesus Christ!
This is an ornament we got on our honeymoon in Tennissee.
Isn't it cute! :)
What a wonderful start to Christmas!

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