Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Fun

I was so happy that the weekend before Finals - my wonderful Friends took time out of their busy schedules and came over for a Planner Decorating Party. :) We had a blast!
From L to R - Miriam, Kim, Linsey. I love these beautiful girls! :)
Finished products from Linsey and Kim - Mir had to leave early, and we forgot to get a picture. :(
Here is my 2009 planner - Thank you Uncle John for the great planners - we had so much fun customizing them! :)

We were so glad to hear that Aunt Nell and Uncle Pat were going to be in Chicago for a few days to pick up Jessie! They came over for dinner and we had a great time of fellowship - it was great to catch up. I was in charge of dessert - Brad made his famous Farfalle Alfredo YUMMY!!! Here is my masterpiece of a cake:
Needless to say - I was pretty proud of it! :) It tasted really good too! :)

What would a post be - without some word of Chloe. :) lol - she is getting so much bigger and some days doesn't care to be playful but would rather sleep. :( We are a little sad that our adventure seeking kitten is growing up but it is so nice when she comes and curls up on our laps to take a nap. :)
Listen to me... going on like she is our child. :) What can I say - she makes us happy. :)

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