Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All My Toys...

Brad again... If I could I would like to lay in an adult play-pen with every single electronic device that I own: my iPad, iPhone, iMac, xbox, wii, blue ray, my tv, you get the picture. This of course is not possible, mainly do to the fact that I think my adult play-pen would catch on fire. But for my sweet daughter Lucy she in fact can be surrounded by every single stuffed toy she owns!! So that is what I proceeded to do, set up her crib with her in the center, surrounded by a fuzzy army of stuffiedness... the video below shows the cuteness that ensued.

BTW this one was uploaded in HD ENJOY! (to watch in 720p after you start playing the video on the right there is a button that say 360p click it and you will see other options)

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