Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kidder Update

Well, the blog has been a lot about Lucy lately - mostly because we are proud parents, but also because she has been a huge part of our lives lately. :) But now that we have been a family of 3 for over a month now, our attention has turned more fully to the next change for our family. Namely: our move to Pampa, Texas.

As most of you know, our house has been on the market since early May and although there have been a good number of showings and people seem to like the finishes and price of our place - the location has not been ideal for lookers so far (we live on the far north side of Chicago in a diverse, but safe, neighborhood).

We have been saying all along that we would move to Pampa at the end of August, regardless of whether or not our house has sold. Trusting the Lord has been hard but we did our best acknowledge the fact that God knows what we can and can not handle - financially, emotionally and physically.

As we were praying last week for God to provide a way for us to move, Rusty (an Elder from The Bible Church of Pampa) called and told us that the apartment in church has opened up and we can live there - if we want to - rent free, until our house here sells. If we want to?! Yes! We want to! Great is His faithfulness!

The apartment has 4 rooms and 2 full bathrooms, no kitchen - but we can use the church kitchen which is just downstairs* (can you say adventure?!? :) ). We will use one room as a storage space since we will not unpack all our stuff until we are settled into our new home. One room will be the Master Bedroom, one will be a Living Room/Dining Room combo and the last room will be Lucy Lu's transitional nursery (with maybe some more storage stuff in there). :) I can't wait to show you pictures and share the (I'm sure sometimes funny) details with you!

*I shared the above news with our Small Group last night and Abby said (my paraphrase) "You guys love to entertain! What could be better than a large kitchen for you to use!" She is so right! I know it will be a change and may be annoying at times, but it is only for a time - and we are so thankful for this opportunity.

So that's whats up here. :)

Updated Prayer Concerns:
  • Continue to pray for the sale of our home here in Chicago, we would love to sever all financial ties to Chicago as soon as possible.
  • Pray for our family as we have a busy month ahead of us - two weekend trips, one to Minnesota and one to Michigan, as well as saying goodbye to all our Chicago friends and packing up.
  • A safe and uneventful move.
  • Please pray for the ministry of The Bible Church of Pampa, we have grown to love the church there and can not wait to be there to minister to them in person. Pray for a smooth transition.
  • Praise! We are so thankful that Lucy is such a happy and content baby, all the travel and change that we have ahead of us will be so much easier because of her cheerful disposition.


kaw said...

I apologize if I already said this to you, but did you know that I was born in Chicago and when I was one month old we moved to PA for my dad to pastor a small church there? :)

Matt and Amy said...

Selfish me says: Noooo! Don't leave us! I'm going to punch holes in the moving truck tires so yall can't move. That'll work, right?

"godly" me says: God's will not mine. And I'm so excited for yall. But don't leave! (Sorry, selfish me came back).

Sarah said...

Kim, How neat! I don't think I knew that - I'm glad you turned out okay even though you had a "traumatic" move as an infant :) We are hoping for the best for Lucy too.

Amy, Unrealistic me: wants to be in two places at once. Realistic me: realizes that that is not possible - but promises to update the blog often with pictures of our life (house stuff, new friends and misc adventures) and Lucy (which I know you want to see more). :)